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powerBridge computer markets computer systems and boards in applications in telecommunication, industrial automation, medical, transportation, defence, and aerospace. We design and integrate computer systems based on standard components and manufacture systems according to customer specifications. Experienced engineers advise and support our customers. Continuity and reliability are our strength.
Our product range includes computer systems and boards based on industry standards such as AdvancedTCA, CompactPCI, VMEbus, VPX and MicroTCA. For use in industrial applications and vehicles we deliver embedded and rackmount PCs, especially powerful, fan-less solutions for reliable operation in extended operating temperature range and critical environment conditions. This offering is completed with a wide range of I/O products consisting of AdvancedMC, PCI, PMC/XMC and IndustryPack modules.
Micro TCA Systems, CPU AMC Modules, I/O AMC Modules
Mezzanines Advanced MC Modules, PMC/XMC Modules, Industrial Pack Modules
Compact PCI, Advanced TCA Systems, CPU Modules, I/O Modules
VME/VXS, VPX Systems, CPU Modules, I/O Modules
Others Industrial PCs, Displays and Server, Storage