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Atrenne, a Celestica company, designs, builds and delivers complex, integrated electronic solutions that exceed performance criteria and do not fail, in critical applications. Serving aerospace, defense, communications, simulation, industrial and other technology-driven industries, Atrenne harnesses the power of engineering innovation and integration to develop application-specific solutions that provide exceptional value to its customers.
Atrenne is able to deliver integrated components, electronic packaging, complex electronic assemblies and value-add build-to-print manufacturing services to industrial markets across the globe. With more than 40 years of experience, Atrenne provides innovatively engineered products and services throughout the program lifecycle, from concept to manufacturing to obsolescence management. Atrenne is proud to provide customers with fully-tested, reliable, electromechanical solutions on-time and with world-class quality.
Backplane 6.25 GHz Gen-2 / Gen-1 OpenVPX, 10 Gbaud Gen-3 OpenVPX , 3U VPX
Chassis Enclosures Lab Development Chassis, Configurable ATR enclosure, Rackmount
Module Front Panels AdvancedMC (AMC), MICRO TCA AMC ,CompaxctPCI, Custom Front Panels